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Soul Guidance


In person and Online

We are Aim Me Smiley and Renee Ananda, Troubadours of Divine Bliss, a folk duo that sings of the joy of sublime Love.   

We freed our dream over 20 years ago and found our purpose to inspire courage of the heart, encourage soul fulfillment and the development of each person's sacred way.

We have traveled internationally for 2 decades as musicians,  ministers, inspirational speakers, retreat leaders and soul guides offering life coaching to countless people across the globe.  

Our soul guidance sessions will help you feel heard and understood, prompt you to greater perspective in your life, lead you to a more fulfilling purpose and guide you towards trusting and intuiting your true-life path.  We extend non-judgment, clear-reflection, honest perspective, and elevating vision.  We are here to guide you through the spectrum of your being - from facing your fears to attaining the highest possibility of your purpose.

There is a way to be guided beyond just accepting whatever comes your way.  Are you feeling lost, dealing with a loss, struggling to find your purpose or just needing someone to listen?  Our hearts are open to yours.  We offer a safe place for you to take a healing journey that leads you back into the way of your heart.

We can meet with you personally or online.  
Schedule your Heart and Soul Guidance session or Learn More.


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