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Miracles are happening in Way of the Heart Woods

It is happening! The construction has begun on the 1st composting toilet house in Way of the Heart Woods! Here are some photos of the progress. This unit will be finished the 1st of next week and then they will begin construction of the ADA accessible toilet house with a ramp. You are helping make a way where there seemed no way. You are co-creating with us and making this vision unfold. Thank you from our hearts to all who have donated so far to our Gofundme. 30 people in 17 days have raised $3,048 of $12,100 goal! We feel you walking with us in this Way of the Heart. We are still raising funds to complete these phases and have so much gratitude to any of you who can help support this campaign by donating, sharing and reposting. You are Waymakers! Thank you for believing in the vision of Way of the Heart Woods!

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