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Be a part of building the Temple of the Heart...

Be a part of building the Temple of the Heart and help Way of the Heart Woods grow. The future is calling...will you help us answer the call?

We need your help to build the Temple of the Heart, a re-purposed grain bin transformed into a temple in the woods. Every gift is a grain of hope!

The temple would make it possible to host outdoor retreats, weddings, yoga workshops, sacred gatherings and more year-round. It would further the offerings of Way of the Heart Woods. This expansion will allow us to be in even greater service to your hearts and the hearts of others.

Will you help breathe life into our future?

Every gift is a grain of hope!

The need for expansion is coming early Spring with requests for retreats and weddings. We want to stretch out our wings in trust and allow the heart of these desires to transpire.

In return for your giving ways, we have many rewards for you to choose from.

"Your heart is the real temple. It is there that you must install God. Good thoughts are the flowers to be offered... Good actions are the worship. Good words are the hymns. Love is the divine offering." —Amma

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